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I am a French designer who just relocated to the US. I hold a certificate in interior design from SAIC (School of the Art Institute of Chicago). Although I always had a passion for interior design, my career started 13 years ago in global finance and consulting. I always loved interior design and the level of detail it requires! This is most likely something I received from my grandparents who were antique dealers and decorators in the beautiful French countryside!  

After earning my interior design certificate, I founded my own interior design studio in Paris called EP Interior Design. I delivered numerous commercial and residential design projects to my clients while working in parallel for a US online design platform. For 3 years, I also worked hand in hand with a luxury real estate agency based in Paris and in Provence. My clients were always impressed with how I was able to take their vision and incorporate it into a beautiful design. Exceeding my client’s expectation always provided me with such satisfaction! 

A couple of months ago, my husband and I moved back to the US. In the continuity of my first studio in Paris, I opened the second one in Atlanta, GA. I am very excited about bringing my “French touch” into my US design projects. 

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